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Global Junior Golf Rankings

When your membership form and payment is received, the player's name will be added to the Player Points Standings page.  The name and email address will be added to the distribution list.  All future communications will be done with emails.  Also, you will be sent a Rules Sheet for the SWLA Youth Tour that you need to review, and you will be sent a Liability Waiver Form that you will need to turn in at your first tournament!  Very Important!

See Tournament Deadline Policy on Tournament Page!

You are eligible to play in any event up until your 18th birthday.  If your birthday falls during the Tour season, and you turn 18, but you are between your Junior and Senior year in high school, you are eligible to participate in the entire season.   If you graduate as a Senior and are still 17, you can participate in tournaments until you turn 18.  It is also recommended that if your birthday puts you in a higher age division in the middle of the season, you should elect to start out in the higher age division so all of your points will accumulate in that division.   

Player Divisions

COED 10 & Under.....Play 6 holes per event

BOYS 11 -12..........Play 9 holes per event

BOYS 13 - 14..........Play 18 holes per event

BOYS 15 - 17..........Play 18 holes per event

GIRLS 11 - 12..........Play 9 holes per event

GIRLS 13 - 14..........Play 18 holes per event

GIRLS 15 - 17..........Play 18 holes per event

 SWLA Youth Golf Tour

Tour Director, Derek Smith, PGA


We will require a membership to our Youth Golf Tour in order to participate in all the scheduled events.  This will be a summer program, so all events will be scheduled while school is out of session.  Each Member will receive a tee shirt and sleeve of golf balls.  The Membership Fee is $25.00 per player.  This Tour is to help those ages 10 or under through 17 to learn competitive golf, the rules, and etiquette.  We will accept players younger than 9 if they already have some skills and some competition experience.  This Tour can help to improve skills for those who want to compete at the middle school and high school levels on teams.  It also provides the opportunity to meet others, make friends, and create a network of peers who share the same passion that lasts for a lifetime!




Need Some Help?

Check with your local Golf Professionals for some instructional help. 

Austin Burk, McNeese Coach @ Gray Plantation, 562-1663

Derek Smith, PGA @ Mallard Cove Golf Course, 491-1204


Membership Application 2018

Player Name_______________________________Parent Name_______________________________

Player Age________Boy/Girl_______Parent Phone #________________________________________

Physical Adress______________________________________________________________________


Email Address_______________________________________________________________________

Shirt Size________________(YS, YM, YL, AS. AM, AL)                                                                      

MEMBERSHIP FEE $25.00 per player (includes a tee shirt and sleeve of balls)

(make checks payable to Derek's PGA Golf Services / Mail Forms to:  Derek Smith, PO Box 12415, Lake Charles, LA  70612) 

You can email me at dsmith@cityoflc.us to request a clean printable version of all entry forms

For all other questions use the email listed under the mailing address and phone number on Contact page.